Slurry seal is a cold mixture of aggregates, asphalt emulsion and water to create a paving treatment. It is used to protect and enhance the value of asphalt surfaces. As asphalt naturally breaks down when exposed to UV rays from the sun, water and traffic, slurry seal acts as a maintenance treatment to the asphalt surface. It helps prevent water from dampening and damaging the asphalt and gives the surface a fresh new face.

Slurry seal, although not the only way, is a cost-effective way to extend the life of your asphalt. There are different types of the slurry seal but that is only dependent on how much aggregate is in the mixture design. This is dependent on how strong the seal needs to be and how much it is exposed to. Type 1 slurry contains the smallest amount of aggregate and is mainly used for areas such as parking lots. Type 2 contains more aggregate than type 1 and is usually used for areas that have more traffic such as residential areas. Type 3 has the most amount of aggregate and is mainly used for highly trafficked areas such as roads and highways. The slurry is also a great crack and void sealant.

The longevity of the slurry seal is all affected by the weather and the amount of traffic it is exposed to. It is recommended that slurry seals are reapplied every 5 to 7 years for the best results. Once placed the seal requires about 4-6 hours to set and harden before the surface can be used safely.