Mzansi Tar (Road Works)

Asphalt Surfacing.

Slurry Seals.

Surfacing Seals.

Road Maintenance (Pacting, Pothole Repairs, Crackseal).

Speed Humps.

Kerbing and Brick Paving.

Sprayers of road binders.

Cold Mix.

Road Markings.

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Patching Pothole repairs, crack sealing, Parking areas and humps. With state of the art equipment like Hot dogs Crackseal machines, Bomag rollers, Swacut machine.

A road maintenance depot is a depot used by road maintenance agencies for storing works equipment and organizing maintenance operations. Road maintenance depots can range in size from small sheds storing just a few pieces of equipment, to vast buildings housing computer and closed-circuit television systems, allowing operators to monitor conditions across the road network.

Road maintenance depots carry gear for a number of tasks, including road works, snow removal, planting of road verge and central reservations and storm drain maintenance. Most depots will have limited accommodation facilities for staff who are on-call, particularly during heavy winter storms, when travel between the worker’s home and the depot may be restricted. Road maintenance depots also include garages and repair shops for the fleets of vehicles stored within, and large depots keep supplies of fuel and road salt for drivers.

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lone road going to mountains


A speed hump (also called a road hump, or undulation, and speed ramp in Ireland) is a rounded traffic calming device used to reduce vehicle speed and volume on residential streets.

Humps are placed across the road to slow traffic and are often installed in a series of several humps in order to prevent cars from speeding before and after the hump. Common speed hump shapes are parabolic, circular, and sinusoidal.

Generally, speed humps are 12 to 14 feet (3.7 to 4.25 m) in length and span the width of the road. The height of humps ranges from 3 to 4 inches (7.5 to 10 cm).

The length and height of the speed humps determine the speed at which traffic will travel over the devices.

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closeup photo of 25 km/h road signage