Mzansi Civils facilitates a significant amount of operations to a multitude of industries. Our core services include Bulk earthworks, Road works, Restricted Earthworks, Storm Water Reticulation, Sewer Reticulation, Civil Structures and Resevoirs.

Civil work can be categorised in the civil engineering industry through the planning design and building of various structures. The structures can include bridges, harbours and public buildings. The infrastructure is largely dependent on the techniques and materials used in the production processes.

The basic concepts and procedures for civil engineering include the testing of building materials and the likelihood of durability in certain environments. The investigation of the foundation and soil is an integral part of identifying the feasibility of the project. There are also administrative capacities of civil engineering which includes the standard codes for either the construction or mining site.

The planning and design process can also be categorised according to the quality assurance and control throughout the project. Civil work also entails significant planning about adhering to budget constraints of the project and infrastructural costs. Civil work also pertains to the maintenance of the existing structures through the continual repair of the physical and naturally built environments.

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